Iraq: Parliament approves PM Adel's resignation, 420 deaths in violence so far
Iraq: Parliament approves PM Adel's resignation, 420 deaths in violence so far

Baghdad: Recently, the parliament approved the resignation of the cabinet on Sunday (December 1) amid violent unrest in Iraq for the last two months. More than 420 people have died in this violence and thousands of people have carried out a mourning march across the country. Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Friday (November 29) that he would submit his resignation to Parliament after the death toll of protesters. It is noteworthy that the protesters are accusing the ruling members of being unworthy, corrupt and inclined to foreign powers.

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According to information from sources, the center of the protests was first located in Baghdad and then spread to the Shia dominated south and northern areas and the Sunni dominated Mosul city. Hundreds of students dressed in black in protest demonstrations took out a mourning march for activists who lost their lives. The Parliament session began in the afternoon on Sunday, December 91) and within a few minutes, Abdul Mahdi's resignation was accepted. According to the system mentioned in the constitution, he and the entire cabinet were given the responsibility of working as a "caretaker government".

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At the same time, the Speaker of Parliament said that he will now ask President Barham Saleh to appoint the new Prime Minister. Meanwhile, an anti-government protestor was killed when security forces opened fire amid violence in Baghdad, the country's capital, before the parliament session. On the condition of anonymity, security and medical officials said that a protestor died and 10 people were injured on the historic Rashid Road in Baghdad. At the same time, security forces opened fire near concrete blockers near Ahrar Bridge leading to Iraq's parliament and other government institutions to remove the mob.

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