Is fasting good for a Pregnant Woman?
Is fasting good for a Pregnant Woman?

During nine months of pregnancy, fasts like Navaratri, Karva Chauth, Teej, and Shivratri is surely come. In such cases, when most women keep fast, can pregnant women also keep fast?

This is a big question. Doctors say that good and bad effects during fasting can not only be done on the mother but also on the unborn child, therefore caution is very important. Fasting during pregnancy is very much dependent on your body because when you are feeling good inside, there is no problem in keeping fast. 

But in some cases such as lack of blood in the body, weakness, hypertension, or gestational diabetes, doctors do not advise pregnant women to fast, because this not only damages you but also infants in your womb. 

Diabetes (gestational diabetes) during pregnancy (Anemia) or more than one child in the womb, then fasting may be dangerous too. If everything is normal and you are fasting, then these precautions should be taken. 

- Don't keep fast of without water. Water is very important for both mother and child. If you still do this, always keep in mind that there will be no symptoms of dehydration.

- Take coconut water, drinks like milk and fruit juice. 

- Do not eat coffee or tea in the fast. If the weather is hot or humid, then stay inside the house. 

- Do not exercise or do any heavy work during fasting. 

- At the beginning of the fast break, drink a glass of juice or coconut water. After that eat some light food. 

- Keep an eye on infants movement during pregnancy and periodically take medical checkups.

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