'Is valentine she meri.. or I am Bajrang Dal ka ..', read 8 Valentine Special Jokes"

Valentines week is going on, lovers couple have a lot of fun these days, but even if there is laughter in love, then the relationship remains alive, in such a situation, we have brought for you 8 valentine special jokes, which will bring laughter in your love. Putting it will make it salty.

1- Request to all women:
Please keep a special watch on your husbands till 14th February.
If not..
"Near lost soutan patti"
Released in public interest!!

2- Teacher- Why didn't you come yesterday?
Pappu - I won't tell?
By slapping the teacher - tell soon,
Pappu- Was with girlfriend on Valentine's Day,
Teacher- Despite being so young, he roams with girlfriends, who was that girl?
Pappu - Your daughter,
teacher unconscious

3- On the occasion of Valentine's Day, the girlfriend was asking for a gift from the lover.
Girlfriend: What gift will you give me this time?
Boyfriend: whatever you say!!
Girlfriend: I want a ring!!
Boyfriend: Okay I give the ring but you don't pick it up…
Balance is a bit low!! ,

4- All the girls are saying that I am single,
All the boys are also saying that I am single

Do aliens come on this 14th February !!
Celebrate Valentine's Day????

5- I asked Bhopali uncle – aa valentine's day aa riya hai
So he said - Yes Mian, I have heard.
I asked - do you know about it?
He said – Mia Khan was some Baba, used to distribute flowers to the girls!
One day his Begum saw,
Then she spun it with a rolling pin.
He spun that Baba Tan had spoken! die dying
Requested Bibi to "hang the belan" people understood "Valentine's Day"!
Just since then people celebrate this day as Valentine's Day.
And we distribute flowers in remembrance of Baba.

6- Pappu went to the shop and said-
There is such a valentine's day card on which it is written,
"You are my first and last love?"
Shopkeeper :- Yes.
Pappu: Okay, give 12.

7- On this Valentine's Day
so that's mine
I belong to Bajrang Dal
Because boys who don't have girlfriends
He becomes a "Shiv Sainik" by taking a stick on 14th February out of jealousy.

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