Is Your Partner Cheating on You? Woman Reveals Secret Phone Tricks to Find Out
Is Your Partner Cheating on You? Woman Reveals Secret Phone Tricks to Find Out

A woman has exposed secret phone tricks to check whether one's partner is cheating. In a podcast, she disclosed that she had easily checked her boyfriend's locked phone multiple times throughout her life. American columnist Jana Hocking had asked her close friends if they ever felt the need to check their partner's phone. Subsequently, people shared techniques they had experimented with and validated to uncover their partner's secrets.

She explained how one of her friends would record a video immediately upon picking up her boyfriend's phone. She would then carefully observe the finger movements in the videos to deduce the possible password, successfully cracking it.

Another friend simply typed the name of her partner's ex-girlfriend and easily cracked the password. Eventually, she decided to end the relationship.

Another remarkable method involved a woman asking her partner to input her Apple ID on their Apple TV. Inadvertently, he selected the box that granted access to his iCloud account, exposing all his photos to the TV. Through this, the woman discovered compromising photos with other women on her partner's phone.

In another instance, Jana learned from a friend that her ex-boyfriend had left his Apple Watch at home while going to work. When it rang, she checked it and found text messages indicating he was cheating. Meanwhile, another woman accessed her partner's phone by typing his date of birth as the password and found pornographic videos.

It was also revealed that most people reuse the same password for all their accounts. Hence, hacking into a partner's phone could lead to accessing streaming service accounts without their knowledge, requiring only the password they use.

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