Ishqbaaz written update: Shivaay plan to go Goa

Oct 14 2017 02:03 PM
Ishqbaaz written update: Shivaay plan to go Goa

In the latest episode of Ishqbaaz, Shivaay tries to find out the man, who hit Shukla, through the CCTV footage. He then spots Tej, Jhanvi, Shakti and Pinky talking about the entire episode and planning to go to Goa the next day. He decides to follow them. He goes to his room to pack bags. Anika comes and asks him what he is up to. He tells her he is going somewhere and doesn't want her to follow him. Thinking he is still upset with her for what happened at the memorial, she tries to make him happy but he leaves, anyway.

Rudra calls Bhavya and asks her to get him his clothes, coffee and pancakes in20 minutes. Tanya goes to Abhay's room but he is rude to her and then tries to emotionally blackmail her into following his plan. After she leaves, he realizes his mistake of trusting a girl like her and also reveals that Shukla is in a coma.  Elsewhere, Omkara and Gauri try to meet Mr Gupta's target of making 100 dupattas overnight.

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