This Islamic country became a fan of 'cow'
This Islamic country became a fan of 'cow'

New Delhi: India has already been a big hub in terms of the export of animal products in the agriculture sector, and now the country has achieved another big milestone in this sector. In fact, the successful use of animal products in the agricultural sector in India has been going on for thousands of years. In scientific research of the Islamic country Kuwait, it has been found that cow dung is very useful for crops, after which India has been ordered for it. In the first consignment, 192 metric tonnes of cow dung will be exported to Kuwait. It will be transported to Kuwait from Mundra port in Gujarat.

It is being told that this is the first time that India has received an order for cow dung from Kuwait. In the past, India has been exporting Manas and animal skins in animal products as well as milk and other products made from milk. Now after getting confirmation of the quality of cow dung in foreign scientific research, India can get more orders. The biggest thing is that this export is not being done by the government but at the cooperative level. Kuwait has found that the use of cow dung increases the size and production of date palm crops.

Cow devotees also have a big contribution in this. The work of packing cow dung in containers is going on under the supervision of the Customs Department at 'Sunrise Organic Park' located at Pinjrapole Gaushala at Tonk Mor, Jaipur. The first consignment will be dispatched from Kanakapura Railway Station on Wednesday (June 15, 2022). This success has been achieved due to the efforts of Dr. Atul Gupta, head of 'Indian Organic Farmer Producer Association'. 'Sunrise Agriland and Development Research Private Limited' has received this order. A company named Lamor has ordered cow dung.

Company's director Prashant Chaturvedi says that perhaps for the first time something like this is happening in India. He said that in 2020-21, India's animal products export was Rs 27,155.56 crore and the demand for organic manure is increasing continuously. Citing many scientific researches, he said that many diseases are also cured by the crop produced using cow dung. The cattle of India give around 3 million tonnes of cow dung every day. China uses cow dung to power 15 million households.

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