'Stop the war immediately, Israel and Palestine..', urges UN Secretary General António Guterres

Geneva: United Nation's Secretary General Antonio Guterres has called for an immediate end to the ongoing war between Palestinians and Israelis in the Gaza Strip. The situation in the area has been steadily deteriorating since 2014. Guterres said at a Security Council meeting on Sunday that 'the fight should stop. It should be stopped immediately. Rockets and mortars on one side and aerial and artillery bombings on the other should stop. I appeal to all parties to pay attention to this call'.

He further said, "I am shocked by the number of Palestinian civilian casualties, including many women and children, caused by the Israeli attacks in Gaza. At the same time, I condemn the deaths in Israel by rockets fired from Gaza". He said it is not right to drag Palestinians and Israelis into violence in the war, which will have disastrous consequences for both communities and the region as a whole.

Guterres also warned that the war has the potential to create an intolerable security and humanitarian crisis and further promote extremism. It is creating a new haven for potentially dangerous instability. He called upon the parties to intensify mediation efforts and succeed.

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