Army receives new Israeli Heron drones for deployment in Ladakh sector
Army receives new Israeli Heron drones for deployment in Ladakh sector

New Delhi: The Indian Army would know immediately if the Chinese army commits a "nefarious" act against India over or across the Ladakh border. In truth, Israel has provided the Indian Army with drones with cameras, sensors, and radars as keen as a hawk's eyes. Heron Drones is their name (Heron Drones).

In the Ladakh area, the Indian Army has deployed four Heron drones. They will now be able to see the operations of the Chinese troops from above. The Indian Army and intelligence will continue to be aware of any activities in China. The Indian Soldiers raised the amount of army, weaponry, planes, and missiles in Ladakh in April 2020, following a battle with China on the LAC. Surveillance was being aided by satellites. Surveillance and re-absence will be much more useful today, thanks to drones. Four drones have arrived in Leh. This information was provided to the media by senior central government sources.

These four Heron drones (Heron Drones) that Israel provided are cutting-edge technology. They outperform all Indian Army drones in terms of strength, capability, and flying time. Most crucially, these drones are impervious to jamming. Anti-jamming, to be precise. Anti-jamming methods were applied. Which is significantly more powerful than previous drones.

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