Israel declares emergency near Tel Aviv, find out what's the whole matter
Israel declares emergency near Tel Aviv, find out what's the whole matter

According to Israeli media, rioters have set fire to cars, shops and synagogues in lod city near the Tel Aviv region, adding to the conflict between Israel and palestinian Arabs since last Friday. Israel has declared an emergency after the Israeli Arab riots in its city load. Cars have been burnt in the load and 12 people have been injured in clashes. The mayor of the city has said that there is a civil war situation in the city.

In the latest incident of the previous conflict, Palestinian extremists have said that they have fired 130 missiles at the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. They carried out the attack to respond to Israel's air strike on a building in the Gaza Strip. Israel's Ambassador to India has said that an Indian woman has also been killed in a Hamas attack.

It has been revealed that Israel has attacked a 13-storey apartment in the Gaza Strip. They had warned an hour and a half ago and asked people to leave their homes. The Israeli army has spoken about the targeting of extremists in Gaza in response to rocket attacks in their areas.

At least 31 people have been killed so far in the most serious violence between the two sides in the middle-east since 2017. Hundreds of people are injured. Three people have lost their lives in Israeli territory. At least 28 Palestinians have lost their lives in the Israeli attack so far. Palestinians say many children have also lost their lives in the attacks. The international community has demanded both sides to stop the conflict. According to diplomats, the UN Security Council is scheduled to meet on Wednesday to discuss the situation.

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