Israel Issues 3-Hour Deadline in Gaza as Tensions Escalate
Israel Issues 3-Hour Deadline in Gaza as Tensions Escalate

New Delhi: Israel has issued a three-hour deadline to Gaza's residents as it prepares for a major military operation against Hamas in the northern part of the coastal enclave. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) announced on X that they will refrain from launching any operations along the designated corridor from 10 am to 1 pm.

In an official statement, the IDF urged the residents of Gaza City and northern Gaza to relocate to the southern region for their safety. They assured the people that they would not carry out any military operations in the specified corridor during the three-hour window, which is designed to facilitate the movement of residents from the northern to the southern parts of Gaza. The statement emphasized the importance of the safety of Gaza's residents and their families.


It also urged the people to follow their instructions and head southward to ensure their safety. Additionally, the IDF alleged that Hamas leaders have secured their own safety and that of their families. Earlier today, the Israeli military released photographs claiming to show that Hamas had prevented people from moving to southern Gaza. Hamas has faced accusations of using human shields and deliberately keeping hostages in areas that Israel might target with bombings.

The situation in Gaza remains highly tense, with Israeli forces preparing for a potential ground invasion to incapacitate Hamas, the Palestinian organization responsible for a major attack that led to significant casualties in Israel. In response, Israel has conducted a heavy bombing campaign in Gaza, resulting in numerous casualties and widespread destruction. Entire city blocks in Gaza lie in ruins, and local hospitals are overwhelmed with thousands of wounded individuals. The region faces the grim possibility of even more extensive and deadly military actions in the days to come, as both sides remain in conflict.

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