Israel reports 2,952 new coronavirus, total case load stands 1,369,417

JERUSALEM: According to the Israeli Ministry of Health, Israel has recorded 2,952 new coronavirus cases, increasing the total number of cases in the country to 1,369,417.

According to Xinhua news, the new daily total on Tuesday is the highest in Israel since October 4 and much higher than the 1,760 cases reported on Monday. In November, the Ministry recorded less than 200 new daily cases of infection on two occasions.

The number of people who died as a result of the virus remained steady at 8,242, while the number of people who are still infected climbed by 2,434 to 15,487.

The R number, commonly known as the Covid-19 reproduction number indication in Israel, has grown to 1.47 from 0.73 in early November.

When the R number exceeds one, the number of Covid-19 patients grows at an exponential pace and multiplies over time. When the R value is less than one, it means the pandemic's spread has been slowed.

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