Israel-Egypt Coordination Ahead of Rafah Offensive Ensured by Israeli FM
Israel-Egypt Coordination Ahead of Rafah Offensive Ensured by Israeli FM

Israel's Foreign Minister has assured that Israel will coordinate with Egypt before any military action in Rafah, a city on the southern border of Gaza.

At the Munich Security Conference, attended by 180 global leaders discussing conflicts, Foreign Minister Israel Katz emphasized the importance of cooperation with Egypt. Israel and Egypt are allies with peace agreements, and Katz stressed that Israel's actions would consider Egyptian interests.

As Israeli troops move into Rafah to confront Hamas, concerns rise for the many civilians who sought refuge there after fleeing northern Gaza. Despite the closed border with Egypt, around 1.5 million Palestinians are essentially trapped in Rafah.

Katz highlighted that US President Joe Biden would be kept informed about any military moves, reaffirming Israel's commitment to dealing with Hamas. He stated that safe evacuation areas would be provided for civilians in Rafah before Israel targets Hamas.

Reports from the state media  and an Egyptian NGO indicate that Cairo is building a walled camp in the Sinai Peninsula for displaced Palestinians from Gaza in case ceasefire talks fail. This camp, part of contingency plans, could accommodate over 100,000 people.

While Israel continues its conflict with Hamas in Gaza, it insists it has no plans to relocate civilians to the Sinai camp. The conflict began on October 7 with Hamas attacking Israeli border communities, resulting in casualties on both sides, according to official figures

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