Israeli Airstrike Hits Damascus Residential Area, Syria Reports Casualties
Israeli Airstrike Hits Damascus Residential Area, Syria Reports Casualties

Reports from Syrian state TV confirm that a residential area in Damascus was hit by Israeli airstrikes early Wednesday morning, leading to casualties. The strike targeted the western neighborhood of Kfar Sousseh, according to state television, although further details were not provided.

Sham FM radio, known for its pro-government stance, stated that the strike impacted a building near an Iranian school, resulting in casualties.

Rami Abdurrahman, who leads the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, described the strike as an "assassination," though he did not specify the intended target.

Israel's involvement in airstrikes within Syrian territory, particularly in areas controlled by the government, has been frequent in recent years. While Israel seldom acknowledges these actions, it has openly stated its intention to target bases belonging to Iran-affiliated militant groups like Hezbollah from Lebanon. Hezbollah has deployed numerous fighters to support President Bashar Assad's regime.

Last month, Israeli airstrikes in Damascus's western neighborhood of Mazzeh destroyed a building utilized by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, resulting in the deaths of at least five Iranians.

In December, an Israeli airstrike in a suburb of Damascus killed Iranian General Seyed Razi Mousavi, a prominent advisor to the Revolutionary Guard in Syria. Israel has also targeted Palestinian and Lebanese operatives in Syrian territory over the preceding years.

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