Israeli Airstrikes Kill 37 Palestinians Near Gaza's Rafah, All You Need to Know
Israeli Airstrikes Kill 37 Palestinians Near Gaza's Rafah, All You Need to Know

In its latest reports, Israeli airstrikes and shelling have resulted in the deaths of at least 37 people, mostly those seeking refuge in tents near Rafah in southern Gaza. Here are the main updates:

International Condemnation: The attack on the tent camp has led to widespread global criticism, even from some of Israel's closest allies. Spain, Norway, and Ireland have formally recognized a Palestinian state, highlighting Israel's growing international isolation.

Secondary Explosions: The Israeli military suggested that the fire in the tent camp might have been caused by secondary explosions from weapons belonging to Palestinian militants.

Additional Causes of the Fire: The airstrike or subsequent fire may have also ignited fuel or cooking gas canisters in the camp. Gaza health officials reported 45 Palestinian deaths from the blaze. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described it as a "tragic mishap."

UN Security Council Resolution: Algeria has proposed a draft resolution to the UN Security Council calling for an immediate end to Israel's offensive in Rafah and a ceasefire.

Mass Displacement: The Israeli attack on Rafah, which started on May 6, has forced over one million people to flee, according to the UN agency assisting Palestinian refugees.

Repeated Displacements: Many of these individuals had already been displaced several times during the nearly eight-month conflict between Israel and Hamas, now living in makeshift camps heavily impacted by the war.

Deaths in Tel al-Sultan District: Shelling in Rafah's western Tel al-Sultan district late Monday and early Tuesday killed at least 16 people, including seven near a UN facility close to the site of Sunday's fire.

Eyewitness Account: Abdel-Rahman Abu Ismail from Gaza City, sheltering in Tel al-Sultan since December, described a "night of horror" with constant explosions and overhead fighter jets and drones.

Reminders of Past Conflicts: Ismail recalled the Israeli invasion of his Shijaiyah neighborhood in Gaza City in late 2023, which involved heavy bombing followed by ground forces.

Hospital Shutdowns: Most hospitals in Gaza are non-operational. Rafah’s Kuwait Hospital closed Monday after a strike

These updates highlight the severe impact and international reaction to the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

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