Israeli Nuclear Missile Facility Reportedly Struck by Hamas Rockets
Israeli Nuclear Missile Facility Reportedly Struck by Hamas Rockets

During the October 7 shock strike on Israel, rockets fired by Hamas are said to have struck an Israeli military installation storing nuclear-capable missiles. Following the bombings, an analysis revealed charred earth at the base housing the nuclear-capable Jericho rockets. The Sdot Micha base in central Israel was the site of the attack.
Massive fire started by a rocket at Sdot Mich base

According to reports, the missiles and other critical weapons were not struck by the rocket directly, but the impact nevertheless started a large-scale fire in the area where they were kept. Israel has not acknowledged nor denied having nuclear weapons. However, both US authorities and the whistleblowers concur that Tel Aviv does, in fact, have some nuclear weapons.
The Sdot Micha base possessed more than forty nuclear-capable missiles when it was struck by Hamas projectiles, according to Hans Kristensen, director of the Federation of American Scientists' Nuclear Information Project, which was reported in The New York Times.

The Jericho missile from Israel has a nuclear warhead. According to experts and declassified US papers, Israel's Jericho missiles are capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. Kristensen came to the conclusion that the nuclear warheads were unlikely to be directly struck because they were most likely stored at a different place apart from the base after looking over the site maps.

According to reports, this is the first time that Palestinian militants have attacked an Israeli location thought to contain a nuclear bomb. The knowledge of Gaza-based Hamas that their target was an Israeli nuclear weapons site has not yet been established. According to the article, they asked Hamas for a statement on the matter, but they never heard back.

The Israeli military, meantime, has remained silent regarding the report's findings regarding the Hamas rocket attacks on the Sdot Mich base on October 7. Recent satellite photographs appear to show that Israel constructed earthen berms and barriers in the region where the missile base attack occurred.

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