Israel started retaliatory action, tremendous sound of explosions heard
Israel started retaliatory action, tremendous sound of explosions heard

Israel has launched missile and drone attacks on many cities of Iran on Friday. It is being said that missiles have also been dropped on Iran's nuclear plant. The news of three missiles falling on Iran's nuclear site is also spreading very fast. During this period, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has also put all its military bases on high alert. Air defense systems have also been activated.

Reports say that this attack took place in the early hours of Friday. The sound of an explosion was also heard at the airport of Isfahan city of Iran. There are many nuclear plants in this city. Iran's largest uranium program is also running from this place. After these blasts many flights have been diverted. After this attack, Iran has activated its air defense system in many provinces.

Iran suspended many flights: After this attack, Iran has suspended all the flights going to Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz. At least eight flights have also been diverted. Even before this possible attack by Israel, Iran's Foreign Minister Hussein Amir has also issued a warning in this regard on Thursday. He has said that if Israel counter-attacks, Iran will immediately give a befitting reply.

Iran's nuclear plants were not targeted: Report: Media reports say that Israel has not targeted Iran's nuclear plants in the attack. Israel has informed America that it is not targeting Iran's nuclear sites. 

There was a suspicion of attack on Iran's nuclear sites: After Israel's attack on Iran, it was being speculated that Netanyahu was going to take retaliatory action. It was being said that many of Iran's nuclear sites were beyond their targets. Planning to derail Iran's nuclear program was being discussed everywhere. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has already been on alert regarding this possible attack by Israel. IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi had said that he is also worried about a possible attack on Iran's nuclear sites.

America and Britain had imposed new sanctions on Iran: According to the information received so far, after Tehran's attack on Israel, America and Britain have also imposed new sanctions on Iran. These sanctions have been imposed on 16 people of Iran and their 2 companies. These companies manufacture drone engines. 

When Iran fired missiles at Israel: Reports say that Iran had launched missile and drone attacks on Israel at midnight on 13 April. Iran had launched more than 300 different types of drone attacks on Israel, which included killer drones to ballistic missiles and cruise missiles. Immediately after this attack, the Israeli Army activated the air defense system.

Israeli Army IDF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari had informed that Iran has directly attacked Israel. Israel has shot down most of these missiles through the Arrow aerial defense system. It was said that Israel had foiled 99 percent of Iran's air attacks. After this attack, many countries including America and Britain came forward to help Israel. 

Why did Iran attack Israel?: On April 1, Iran's Consulate in Syria was attacked. In this attack, Iran had also claimed the death of many military officers including one of its top commanders. Iran had directly blamed Israel for this attack. This is the reason why he launched rapid attacks on Israel to take revenge and named this action Operation True Promise.

Iran has said in this regard that it has given the codename 'Operation True Promise' so that it can tell its friends and enemies that it follows whatever it says. He knows how to make true promises. Keeps what he promises. 

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