ISRO Initiates Comprehensive Test Flights Ahead of Landmark Gaganyaan Mission
ISRO Initiates Comprehensive Test Flights Ahead of Landmark Gaganyaan Mission

Thiruvananthapuram, Dec 12: Following the resounding triumph of its Chandrayaan-3 lunar expedition, ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) is propelling its momentum towards realizing its ambition to dispatch Indian astronauts on a maiden voyage to the Moon by 2040, stated ISRO Chairman S Somanath. The organization, headquartered in Bengaluru, is vigorously advancing its preparations for the country's inaugural manned mission, known as 'Gaganyaan', with the primary objective of transporting astronauts into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and ensuring their safe return to Earth.

Somanath reportedly confirmed that four pilots selected from the Indian Air Force for the mission are presently undergoing rigorous training at the Astronaut Training Facility located in Bengaluru.

The Gaganyaan program signifies ISRO's bold leap in space exploration, intending to launch a crew comprising 2 to 3 Indian astronauts into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) for a mission duration of up to three days before executing a secure return to a predetermined site in Indian waters.

This groundbreaking manned mission involves the intricate development of pivotal technologies, notably a human-rated launch vehicle (HLVM3), an Orbital Module encompassing a Crew Module (CM) and Service Module (SM), as well as life support systems.

Preceding the manned mission, two identical uncrewed missions (G1 & G2) will be conducted, in addition to Integrated Air Drop Test, Pad Abort Test, and Test Vehicle flights. The Crew Module (CM) is designed as a habitable space simulating an Earth-like environment in space, ensuring the crew's safety and secure re-entry.

The series of meticulously planned test flights signify a significant milestone in ISRO's ambitious endeavor towards realizing the Gaganyaan mission, marking a historic chapter in India's space exploration pursuits.

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