Itching is happening during periods, then know the reason and methods of prevention.

Women have the problem of periods every month and during this problem sometimes there is a problem of itching in the body. Let us tell you that this problem occurs when women do not take care of cleanliness during periods. In fact, due to not taking care of hygiene, there can be not only the problem of body swelling but also redness, rashes, itching etc. In such a situation, it is very important to know why women get itchy during periods. Today we are going to tell you about this.

Reasons for itching during periods- We have already mentioned that when women do not take care of cleanliness during periods, it can lead to not only inflammation but also pimples, itching etc. However, there are other reasons other than this that can cause this problem. These are some of the reasons.

* It is said that if a person consumes oily food in large quantities or eats fried roasted food during periods, then it can also cause itching problem.

Due to the low level of estrogen hormone in the body during periods, not only can there be a problem of inflammation in the body and itching can also increase.

Even if there is a problem of hormonal imbalance during periods, the problem of itching has to be faced.

Prevention from the problem of itching

1 - Take full care of cleanliness.

2 - Keep changing the pads from time to time.

3- Avoid eating fried, roasted and oily.

4 - Use lukewarm water to clean the vagina.

5 - Use cotton under garments.

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