“It’s worth taking a risk” thinks Digital marketing specialist Sahed Ahmed

Jun 10 2021 04:49 PM
“It’s worth taking a risk” thinks Digital marketing specialist Sahed Ahmed

Sahed Afridi is one of the top freelancers in Sylhet and currently the talk of the town. He is widely known as Freelancer Sahed Afridi to the people rather than Sahed Ahmed. Sahed’s dynamic freelancing career started with Fiverr as a digital marketer. At present Sahed Ahmed is working as an Entrepreneur, Professional Digital Marketer, SEO strategist & Digital marketing trainer.

The tale of turning into Freelancer Sahed Afridi:

Sahed always wanted to enjoy his life like other young boys. But his fate followed with less rewarding things. When he was studying in higher secondary school due to some prior reasons, his elder sister left her job & his family started facing a financial crisis soon after that. “At that time I realized I should do something to support my family. As I was a high school student, it was too hard for me to get a decent job for lacking the minimum qualifications. I had to do many odd jobs but as those jobs weren’t fulfilling my expectations I left them one by one. One of my respected teachers from my college came to know about my ongoing family condition and approached me with his helping hands. I will always remain grateful to him because if he wouldn’t come with his helping hands towards me during my tough times then the freelancer sahed Afridi that you’re seeing today wasn’t meant to be in this position.”

After getting support from his teacher Sahed took a digital marketing course from a renowned IT institute, arranged to buy a second-hand laptop. After completing the course, due to his dedication and months of sleepless nights, Sahed slowly started to grow in the freelancing platform. After a few months with his hard work, he could make enough revenue using digital marketing. Since then he did not have to look back.


Sahed was able to create his own identity via freelancing. It has been five years since he has chosen to freelance as a profession. Sahed has more than 728 satisfied clients worldwide who are working with him on a regular basis. He has worked with and helped almost all kinds of entrepreneurs in their businesses, identified their problems in business, analyzed their websites and social media presence, creating a digital marketing master plan for them. Sahed is strong in SEO technical skills, social media marketing, website creation, and design, website optimization, YouTube SEO, video marketing, music marketing, lead generation, Email marketing, running Ads campaigns, etc. In spite of having many skills, he loves his role as a Digital marketing trainer or mentor. From the past two years besides freelancing he has started training the youths who are interested in freelancing. Sahed had to undergo a lot of struggles for a job in his earlier years, as now he is an established person he is encouraging and motivating the youths to take freelancing as a career to convert it into business. Sahed said, “I am working with a mission to contribute to my country by bringing foreign currency through the people of my country by making them skilled and resourceful. And eradicate the unemployment problem through freelancing. I have more than 1500+ students who took training under me and now they are successful in their respective sectors.” Currently, 800 students are taking training under Sahed. Sahed also revealed his monthly income as approximately $3000/$4000 per month.

Sahed’s role in society as a freelancer 

Sahed has a Facebook community group named “Freelancer Sahed Afridi Group (Sylhet)'' which has nearly 14,000 members and consists of people of almost all ages, including the freelancers of every sector. Through this group, Sahed tries to solve others’ marketing and freelancing-related problems and answer their queries for free. Sahed has a younger brother named Tarek Ahmed who is also an expert digital marketer. Both of them have been working together to build up people skills and reduce the burden of unemployment from the country. Sahed believes “A complete Digital marketing training allows students to be experts in a particular sector and be professional in the freelancing area which restricts them from falling through the breach built by the glitch in the whole system. I am trying to give my best as a trainer but at the same time, I tell my students -It’s worth taking a risk if they want to move forward.”

Achievements & vision:

Sahed has received the Top Freelancer Award from Pxlhut Ltd. by Misbahur Rahman and also has been awarded as the Top freelancer from Roki Tech by Roki Roy in 2021. Like everyone I also have a plan for the future. He has already fulfilled all the requirements required to be a “Top Rated Seller” on Fiverr waiting for the recognition. He wants to become one of the top Digital Marketing specialists in the country, helping the country bring more foreign remittance and building up his own IT Firm.

Advice for the youths:

Sahed delivered his message through us “To all those people who follow me never give up for your failings. Life is full of ups and downs. Sit tightly, stay focused, chase your dreams and work harder.”

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