Shoes can also change your future, Know-how?

Everything kept at home can also be a part of your success. Many times things happen in the house and we do not understand its use and do not know how it can ensure our success. Shoes can do many things for you. It has also been said that when you enter the house wearing shoes worn outside.

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Apart from this, you also carry the defects associated with Rahu and Ketu along with you. If there is any defect related to Saturn in your horoscope, then go to the temple and come out of the entrance and remove the leather shoes, keep in mind that someone do not tell it and do not turn it over. If there are shoes or slippers from outside the temple, do not lose it, rather it can be an auspicious sign for you.

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If it happens on Saturday then it can give you relief from Shani dosha. Do not use torn shoes, it can increase in your future job-related things. Never take off shoes and slippers at the main door of the house, nor let the guests do it. By doing this, the happiness and prosperity of your life goes away. Keep the sandal in a systematic manner, always towards the west. Never place it in the northeast or northeast.

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