Jabalpur: 5 gates of Bargi Dam opened in view of increasing water level

Sep 18 2020 02:49 PM
Jabalpur: 5 gates of Bargi Dam opened in view of increasing water level

Jabalpur: The rains have still created panic. The havoc of rain still continues. It is raining rapidly in many states. During the last 24 hours, the water level of the Bargi dam rose again. Due to the rain, there is waterlogging in Mandla and Bargi Dam. Once again five of the 21 gates have been opened up to a height of half a meter to bring it under control. The water level of the dam went up to nine centimetres from the maximum and due to this, it was opened at eight o'clock last Thursday.

During this period, the Narmada river has once again been inundated, with the help of district administration, a warning was also issued. It is being told that this warning was issued in the coastal areas of Jabalpur, Narsinghpur and Hoshangabad district and people have been warned to stay away from the ghats. On the other hand, officials of Rani Avantibai Lodhi Sagar Project (Bargi Dam) say that at 2 pm on Thursday, the water level of the dam was filled by four centimetres. In view of which by five o'clock in the evening, it was nine centimetres higher, it was decided to open the gate of the dam.

According to him, this situation arose because of 20 mm of rain in the catchment area of Bargi Dam. Here five centimetres of water level is rising within 10 to 12 hours and the Bargi dam administration decided to open five gates of the dam. Now 13 thousand 949 cusecs of water is being released. According to the information received, 20 thousand 235 cusecs of water is entering the waterlogged area of the dam every second.

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