Delhi: Manipal hospital handover Christian woman's dead body to Hindu family

Sep 18 2020 01:53 PM
Delhi: Manipal hospital handover Christian woman's dead body to Hindu family

New Delhi: Manipal Private Hospital in Dwarka has done something during the pandemic which has never happened before. The hospital management handed over the body of a Christian woman to the Hindu family and they took it for cremation. When the case unfolded, there was an uproar. The hospital then tried to fear the Christian and Hindu family for suppressing the case.

Christian pastor Garikapati parisuddam was admitted to Manipal Hospital in Dwarka on September 14. He died during the treatment. Garikapati's body was then handed over to a Hindu family. After several hours the secret of the hospital's negligence opened. It was then revealed that the body of the Christian woman Garikapati was handed over to the Kohli family and they performed the Christian woman's funeral according to Hindu customs. When Garikapati's housekeepers told the Kohli family the whole thing, their senses flew as to how the hospital could do it.

Both families gathered at the hospital and then there was a commotion. Everyone was surprised when it came to the police and the Delhi government. Police have filed a case against Manipal Hospital. The Delhi government also came into action. Senior officers rushed to the hospital. The hospital administration is reluctant to speak anything.

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