Padma Vibhushan and World Yoga Guru Jaggi Vasudev were not like normal children since childhood

In September 1957, a son was born in the house of a doctor by profession in Mysore, Karnataka. But the twist in the story is that as a normal child, his mind is more immersed in the world and its nature than in games and toys. Now he would often sit on the high branch of the tree and enjoy the beautiful winds blowing. Thereafter, as he grew up, it was very normal for him to stay in the forest for some time. Sometimes he would suddenly go into deep meditation. This child grew up to be known as Sadhguru. Today the world also knows this Sadguru by the name of Jaggi Vasudev. Today means his 64th birthday on 03rd September.

11 years of age and practice of difficult Yogas:-
The satguru is said to have started practicing difficult yogas at the young age of 11. Since then, he has been practicing them regularly. He was educated in Mysore. He then studied English literature at the University of Mysore.

Good money earned by doing business:-
He loved riding a motorcycle during his college days. He often visited Chamundi Hill near Mysore with his friends for dinner. After completing his college studies, Satguru also tried his luck in a variety of businesses, including poultry farms, brick making. He also earned a good rupee from these works.

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