Jammu and Kashmir: Militants throw hand grenade at security forces

Srinagar: Two security forces personnel have been injured in a terror attack in Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir. The attack was carried out by the terrorists at Hari Singh High Street in Srinagar. According to reports, security forces personnel were on duty in the Amirakadal area of Srinagar on Tuesday afternoon. It was then that the terrorists in the Hari Singh High Street area threw a grenade at the post of security forces. However, their attack was missed and the grenade exploded on the road before the post. Nine civilians and 2 soldiers were injured in the case.

All the same, soldiers have been admitted to a nearby hospital for treatment. At the same time, a search has been launched for the terror blasts by blocking the area. No trace of panic has been found so far. Security forces are conducting search operations to search for the terror. The security forces are conducting a search operation to trace the terrorists. Let's say that army, CRPF, and Jammu and Kashmir police troops are continuously conducting operations against terrorists.

At the same time, the Indian Army has strongly banned arms and money coming from PoK to Kashmir. This has led to panic and confusion among their sympathy. As a result, they are planning to attack the soldiers and flee.

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