Janata Bhawan Solar Project: Assam Launches State's First Fully Solar-Powered Secretariat
Janata Bhawan Solar Project: Assam Launches State's First Fully Solar-Powered Secretariat

Assam CM Launches Janata Bhawan Solar Project to Promote Renewable Energy: On Sunday, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma launched the Janata Bhawan Solar Project during a ceremony at the state Secretariat Complex. This project is a significant step towards promoting renewable energy in the state.

The Janata Bhawan Solar Project features a 2.5 MW capacity grid-connected solar PV system installed on rooftops and ground surfaces. This system is expected to generate an average of 3 lakh units of electricity per month. The project, with an investment of ₹12.56 crore, is anticipated to recover its costs within four years.

With the implementation of this project, the Assam Secretariat Complex has become India's first-ever civil secretariat to rely entirely on solar-generated electricity for daily consumption. This initiative underscores the state government's commitment to sustainable energy solutions and sets a precedent for other government establishments to follow.

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has also announced that starting from July 1, all ministers and public servants, including himself, will have to pay their own electricity bills. This decision aims to eliminate the free electricity facility previously enjoyed by government officials.

Announcing the change on the social media platform X, CM Sarma emphasized his commitment to setting an example by being the first to pay his electricity bill on July 1. He stated, "We are ending the #VIPCulture rule of paying electricity bills of Government officials using taxpayer money. Myself and the Chief Secretary will set an example and start paying our power bills from July 1 onwards." This new policy is expected to help the state's electricity board reduce its losses by ensuring that all public servants, government officials, employees, and ministers pay for their own electricity usage from July 1.

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