UP Plans Smart Upgrade for Bundelkhand Expressway with Advanced Traffic Management System
UP Plans Smart Upgrade for Bundelkhand Expressway with Advanced Traffic Management System

The Uttar Pradesh government is gearing up to implement an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) on the Bundelkhand Expressway, aimed at transforming it into a smart expressway equipped with state-of-the-art traffic monitoring and management capabilities.

Announced by the Uttar Pradesh Expressway Industrial Development Authority (UPEIDA), the project will span five years and involve the installation of 890 cameras, biometric systems, and speed detection devices along the expressway.

According to officials, the initiative is part of the state government's broader strategy to enhance traffic management efficiency and ensure safer travel experiences on key expressways. Requests for Qualification (RFQ) and Requests for Proposal (RFP) have been issued to initiate the project, signaling a significant step towards its implementation.

The centerpiece of the plan includes the establishment of a sophisticated Traffic Management Command Centre along the Bundelkhand Expressway. This central hub will be equipped with cutting-edge technology, including a 360-terabyte recording server and additional backup storage of 240 terabytes. The command centre will oversee operations through a network of 890 cameras and advanced detection systems strategically placed along the expressway.

The ATMS will leverage solar-powered cameras, motion detection capabilities, and speed detection systems to bolster traffic surveillance and safety measures. The comprehensive system is designed to monitor traffic flow, detect incidents promptly, and coordinate emergency responses effectively.

UPEIDA has invited qualified agencies to undertake the comprehensive scope of the project, which includes procurement, installation, operation, and maintenance of the ATMS infrastructure. The selected agency will also be responsible for providing specialized training to UPEIDA personnel to ensure proficient system management.

The implementation of the ATMS on the Bundelkhand Expressway underscores Uttar Pradesh's commitment to modernizing its infrastructure and improving road safety standards across major transportation corridors. This initiative is expected to set a benchmark for future smart highway projects in the region, enhancing overall connectivity and efficiency.

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