Janmashtami Special: Tell us who is your favourite TV Krishna ..?

Janmashtami Special: Tell us who is your favourite TV Krishna ..?

There are many TV shows that have been based on stories of God, in which many TV shows have also been made based on Lord Krishna. Yes, many of the TV shows in which Krishna actors have made very famous. Today we are going to tell you about the TV actors who played the role of Krishna on TV and made a unique place for themselves in the hearts of the people.

Nitish Bhardwaj – He got the fame from the TV show 'Mahabharat' as most liked Krishna's character so far. This show came in 1988 and at that time Nitish had become a favorite of all and even today, he is favored by everyone. Nitish portrayed the role of Lord Krishna as people made him the true Krishna.

Swapnil Joshi - The most famous actor in the role of Krishna who got appreciation from all the walks of life for 1993  show Krishna of late Ramanand Sagar, He ruled the hearts of people in the role of Krishna.

Saurabh Raj Jain – He has also seen in the role of Krishna in the new version of 'Mahabharata'. This show started in year 2013 and from this show, Saurabh made a place in everyone's heart. People want to see Saurabh Raj as Krishna's character even today. People also like him very much.

Kanan Malhotra – He played role of lord Vishnu at the famous TV show Mahakali, and because of this show, He won appreciation form everyone's hearts.

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