Japan Expresses Disappointment Over Biden's "Xenophobia" Remark
Japan Expresses Disappointment Over Biden's

Tokyo: Japan's top government spokesperson expressed disappointment on Tuesday over recent remarks made by US President Joe Biden, describing them as "regrettable." Biden had commented on the impact of "xenophobia" on the economic growth of several Asian nations, including Japan.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi, speaking at a regular news conference, stated that Japan had conveyed its concerns to the United States regarding the accuracy of Biden's remarks. However, he did not provide further details.

Despite this disagreement, Hayashi emphasized the enduring strength of Japan's alliance with the US, stating that efforts would be made to further solidify the relationship.

In April, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida visited Washington for a summit with Biden, during which plans for enhanced military cooperation and joint projects were discussed. These initiatives are aimed at bolstering ties between the two countries, particularly in light of challenges posed by China and Russia.

Biden's comments were made during a fundraising event for his 2024 re-election campaign, where he highlighted the contribution of immigrants to the US economy. However, his remarks linking xenophobia to economic challenges faced by countries like China, Japan, Russia, and India drew criticism.

Japan has traditionally maintained strict immigration policies, but demographic trends, including a declining birth rate and an aging population, have highlighted the need for skilled labor in the future. Prime Minister Kishida acknowledged the importance of skilled workers but indicated that Japan remains cautious about adopting extensive immigration programs.

"While we recognize the value of inviting highly skilled and motivated workers to support Japanese society, we are mindful of concerns within our society regarding prolonged and extensive immigration," Kishida stated in in media briefing.

Japan's stance on immigration reflects its complex demographic and social dynamics, as it navigates between economic imperatives and cultural traditions.

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