Shocking revealation by Javi, badly cheated on Briana
Shocking revealation by Javi, badly cheated on Briana

And as soon you feel, the world is finally over its drama, there pops up another one to add to your disappointment. Talking of a recent incident...

Well, before we start narrating the incident to you, we would suggest you to breathe in deep. Yes! It is that big.

 Javi Marroquin and his ex-girlfriend Kailyn Lowry recently revealed that they got involved into an intercourse, when Javi was seeing Briana, his most recent ex.

Talking of their rekindled romance, Kailyn said that she does not really remember, as to when they really started dating each other once again.

However, talking about the same, Javi revealed, “Of course I remember!”

He informed that he was in a process of breaking up ties with Briana DeJesus, when he actually had sex with Kailyn. 

According to his version of the incident,  Kailyn asked him to follow her upstairs, to which he replied, “Alright, let’s go.” It was after that, the duo got on bed with each other and got into an intercourse.

After Briana came to know about Javi’s revealation, she felt shattered ands was burning with anger at the same time. She was extremely dissappointed and annoyed with the fact that Javi had sex with Kailyn, even before Briana and him had completely separated.

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