Jawan Set to Outshine Pathaan in Advance Booking Frenzy, 10-La Tickets Already Sold
Jawan Set to Outshine Pathaan in Advance Booking Frenzy, 10-La Tickets Already Sold

In the glitzy world of cinema, it's a battle of the titans as Shah Rukh Khan squares off against none other than himself! In this epic showdown, the highly anticipated film "Jawan" is poised to steal the spotlight from its predecessor, "Pathaan," with a jaw-dropping advance booking frenzy. The excitement is palpable, with a staggering 10 lakh tickets already snapped up before the curtains even rise.

As the clock ticks down to the grand unveiling of "Jawan," the Indian film industry is abuzz with predictions about its Box Office prowess. According to the insiders at Sacnilk, the global advance booking for this cinematic spectacle is rapidly approaching an astronomical Rs. 45 crore mark. "Jawan" has now etched its name in history as the second Bollywood blockbuster to smash through the one-million-ticket milestone before its release.

Remember, it was Shah Rukh Khan's previous venture, "Pathaan," that led the charge, selling a colossal 1.08 million tickets on its opening day. Yet, the tables have turned, and "Jawan" has surged past the one-million mark with more than 20 hours to spare before its first screening. The stage is set for a colossal showdown, with "Jawan" poised to potentially eclipse "Pathaan" and set a new record for the highest opening-day pre-sales in Bollywood history, as reported.

Renowned producer and film business analyst, Girish Johar, weighs in on the excitement, projecting a global opening-day gross of Rs. 100 crore. "I am expecting a Rs. 100-crore global gross on day one. I am expecting around Rs. 40 crore of that from overseas markets and Rs. 60 crore in the domestic markets. It should be a comfortable opening. The opening is going to cross the opening figures of 'Pathaan' for sure," Johar confidently predicts.

But hold onto your seats; Johar hints that "Jawan" might not just surpass "Pathaan" in the global arena but could also outshine it domestically. He suggests that the film could pull in a colossal Rs. 60 crore across India, catering to audiences in all languages. By the weekend's end, Johar envisions the global tally soaring to a jaw-dropping Rs. 300 crore.

Sanjeev Kumar Bijli, the Executive Director of PVR INOX Ltd, offers a more conservative estimate but still leaves us in awe. He predicts an all-India box office collection of Rs. 65 crore on the film's opening day. Looking at ticket bookings at PVR INOX, Bijli anticipates that the weekend collections will easily breach the Rs. 230 crore mark.

As the anticipation reaches a fever pitch, cinema halls in Kolkata and Jaipur are going the extra mile to meet the insatiable demand. Amit Sharma, the Managing Director of Miraj Entertainment Ltd, has announced special early morning shows at 5 AM in Kolkata and 6 AM in Jaipur. Even Mumbai's Miraj Cinemas will host a 6 AM screening, drawing a remarkable 28,000 ticket sales for the film's inaugural day.

But it's not just the big screens that are revving up for this cinematic extravaganza. Mumbai's Gaeity-Galaxy theaters and numerous single-screen theaters are set to kick off showings as early as 5 AM. And it's not just the major cities; tier-2 cities like Jalgaon, Surat, Rajkot, Indore, Jaipur, and Vadodara are also joining the early morning spectacle. The stage is set, the curtains are about to rise, and "Jawan" is on the brink of making cinematic history.

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