"Viral Video Shows JCB Driver Dozing Off, Delighting Social Media Users

A video showing a JCB driver sleeping in the middle of a busy road has gone viral on social media, sparking jokes about how "India is not for beginners." The footage features the driver asleep inside the parked construction vehicle, causing a traffic jam. His friends eventually wake him up, finding the situation amusing. The driver's reaction to waking up an innocent, sleepy smile to the camera—added to the clip's appeal.

Although the date and location of the incident were not confirmed, the video has gained thousands of views and elicited numerous comments. In the comments section, users found the situation humorous. One user compared the driver to cricketer Shaheen Afridi from Bihar, while others remarked on the driver's carefree attitude and his ability to sleep despite causing a traffic jam.

the video has become a lighthearted viral sensation, entertaining viewers with its unexpected and comical scenario.Once it was on the internet, the video spread like wildfire. Lots of people found it hilarious and couldn't help but make jokes about how crazy things can be in India. 

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