Jeff Bezos took off for space, watch live streaming here

Jul 20 2021 05:30 PM
Jeff Bezos took off for space, watch live streaming here

Today (July 20th) Jeff Bezos is all set for a suborbital flight sitting on the New Shepard launch vehicle of his aerospace company Blue Origin. The 11-minute journey of space is planned from a desert site in West Texas, USA.

If all goes according to plan, New Shepard has taken off at 5 pm Indian time from Blue Origin's pesh portal One Facility, about 20 miles (32 km) outside van horn in Texas, USA. Jeff Bezos' space trip is taking place nine days after Richard Branson's space journey at Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity. If you want to watch this space flight live, we're telling you about it.

Blue Origin announced on its Twitter handle that viewers can watch live telecasts from the Blue Origin portal ( or its YouTube channel. The streaming for people in India has started at 5 p . m . New Shepard is a 60-foot-long (18.3 m) and fully automatic rocket-and-capsule combo that cannot be operated from within the spacecraft. The spaceflight company tweeted a photo of the crew after the training was over.

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