Jellyfish wreak havoc on this Mumbai beach

People have often been seen enjoying the waves on the beach of Mumbai. Often people also dream of going to Mumbai so that they can enjoy the weather there. If you talk about sea water, then you have to go there carefully because there are some similar news coming out of it, which will surprise you too. Yes, the government has banned going to the beach. Let's know the reason for this.

In fact, jellyfish are also coming along with the waves on the beaches of Mumbai and people are also getting injured due to the same poison. In view of this incident, the government has issued information that no one should go to the beach. Let us tell you, blue bottle jellyfish have been found in large numbers on the coast of Mumbai, which has also cut people who come to visit there and everyone is scared of it, after which no one is going there.

According to reports, a large number of jellyfish were seen at Juhu, Aksa and Girgaum Chowpatty beaches and they have also preyed on many people, due to which they have been injured. Experts say that every year during the monsoon, jellyfish come to the beaches for reproduction. If it is cut, then the place becomes numb and there is a lot of pain. Many times people also become deaf. It is being told that people coming there have been victims of jellyfish poison for about 20 days.

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