Jennifer Lawrence made another big statement

Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence, known as an 'action woman', has shared an incident in her life that will make you lose consciousness. She has said how she was once horrified in the middle of her journey by private plane and felt as if death had come to her. Continuing, Jennifer has said that it was in 2017 when she left her home in Louisville for New York by private plane. In the meantime, she heard a loud noise inside the plane. On enquiry, it was found that the first engine of the aircraft had broken down. This scared Jennifer a lot. Where she felt that no one is going to survive today. She felt as if only her skeleton was left on the seat.

Meanwhile, Jennifer was beginning to remember her family. She began to remember her family. Jennifer was accompanied by 2 of her brothers and a doctor on the plane. She was told that they would now have to make an emergency landing at Niagra International Airport. Continuing, Jennifer says that after that the plane calmed down completely, and there was no sound. After which the second engine also failed. It was a very rare case in itself. Jennifer said I felt very bad. Everyone was going to die.

According to media reports, she further said that the worst part was that my doggy (puppy) was on my lap. She didn't want to see him in this situation. It was just going on when the plane landed and Jennifer noticed that a fire truck and ambulance were also parked on the runway. At this, Jennifer began to have a variety of thoughts and started praying to God to keep everything right. After which everything went well and everyone was able to come out of the plane safely.

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