Kianu Rivs to be part of Marvels' upcoming film

Noted Hollywood actor Kianu Rivs has become a part of many successful movies so far. He has also played many heart winning characters and those characters have given him a different identity. Kianu, who is part of matrix films, has not worked with Marvel Studios even once yet. Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for making Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther, Spiderman, Black Window and Avengers series.

However, there have been reports for a long time that Kianu is also set to work with Marvel and be seen as a superhero. Kianu Rivs has also responded to the news, looking to be a part of Marvel Studios movies. Kianu, who is recently promoting his upcoming movie Matrix Reactions, has said that he wants to work in the Marvel Sinamitak Universe one day. The actor was recently questioned whether he wanted to join the MCU. Kianu has said, 'This honour is a great honour for me. There are very brilliant directors. He is doing something that no one has ever done. He is brilliant in every case of recognizing things, scale, production. It would be a great experience to be a part of his films.

According to media reports, Marvel Studios has always wanted Kianu to be a part of its film. In 2019, Kevin Faz, chief of Marvel Studios, said that he always remembers Kianu whenever he makes a movie. We talk to them for every film. I don't know if he will ever join the MCU but if that happens we have to bring him to the movies properly.

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