Pakistani singer nominated for Grammy Award, see full list here

The Recording Academy has revealed the 64th Grammy Awards nominations to be held next year, 2022. Grammy Awards 10 people have been nominated in each category for the first time in 2022. The Grammys are scheduled to receive awards in a total of 26 categories this year. Some of these categories are Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, American Roots Music, Best Global Music Performance, and Best New Artist.

John Battist, Justin Bieber, Doja Kat and H.E.R. with 11 nodes at the Grammy Awards 2022 Tops the list with 8 nodes. This is followed by Billy Illish and Olivia Rodrigo with 7 nodes. Artists Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, and Lil Nas x have been nominated for the Grammy's top award- Album of the Year. Jai-Z has made history with three new nominations.

The Grammy Awards are given by voting by music makers members of The Recording Academy. These music makers represent all styles and creative music, including recording artists, songwriters, producers, mixers and engineers. Tammy Hurt, president of the Recording Academy's CO Harvey Mason Jr. Recording Academy, announced the nominations along with CBS Mornings anchor Gail King, rock band Manskin, singer-songwriter Carly Piers.

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Pakistani singer nominated: According to media reports, Pakistani singer Arunj Aftab has also been nominated in the Best Global Music Performance category. He has been nominated for Song Mohabbat which launched in March this year.

Here's a list of nominated artists.

Record of the Year
Abba – 'I Have Faith in You'
John Battist – 'Freedom'
Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga – 'I Get a Kick Out of You'
Justin Bieber – 'Peachys' (feat. Daniel Caesar and Giwon)
Brandy Carlyle – 'Right on Time'
Doja Cat – 'Kiss Me More' (feet). SZA)
Billy Illish – 'Happier Then Ever'
Lil Nasx X – 'Montero (Call Me by Your Name)'
Olivia Rodrigo – 'Driving License'
Silk Sonic – 'Leave the Door Open'

Album of the Year

John Battist – 'VR'
Justin Bieber – 'Justice: Triple Chuck Deluxe'
Doja Cat – 'Planet Her Deluxe'
Billy Illish – 'Happier Then Ever'
Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett – 'Love for Sale'
HER – 'Back of My Mind'
Lil Nasx X – 'Montero'
Olivia Rodrigo – 'Sour'
Taylor Swift – 'Evermore'
Kanye West – 'Donda'
Song of the Year Ed Sharon – 'Bad Habits'
Alicia Keyes – 'A Beautiful Noise' (Ft. Brandy Carlyle)
Olivia Rodrigo – 'Driving License'
HER – 'Fight for You'
Doja Cat – 'Kiss Me More' (Ft. SZA)
Silk Sonic – 'Leave the Dur Open'
Lil Nasx X – 'Montero (Call Me by Your Name)'
Justin Bieber – 'Peachys' (Ft. Daniel Caesar and Giwon)
Brandy Carlyle – 'Right on Time'

Best New Artist
Arunj Aftab
Jimmy Allen
Baby Beam
Glass Animals
Japanese Breakfast
The Kid Laroe
Arlo Parks
Olivia Rodrigo Sawvetibest Rap Album
J. Kol – 'The Off-Season'
Drake – 'Certified Boyfriend Boy'
ANS – 'Kings Disease II'
Tyler, The Creator – 'Call Me If You Get Lost'
Kanye West – 'Donda'

Best Rap Album
J. Kol – 'The Off-Season'
Drake – 'Certified Lavar Boy'
ANS – 'Kings Disease II'
Tyler, The Creator – 'Call Me If You Get Lost'
Kanye West – 'Donda'

Best Rap Song
DMX – 'Bath Salts' (Ft. J-Z and NAS)
Sweetie – 'Best Friend' (Feet. Doja Cat)
Baby Beam – 'Family Ties' (Ft. Kendrick Lamar)
Kanye West – 'Jail' (Ft. J-Z)
J. Kol – 'My Life' (Ft. 21 Savage and More)

Best Rap Performance
Baby Beam – 'Family Relationship' (Ft. Kendrick Lamar)
Cardi B – 'Up'
J. Kol – 'My Life' (Ft. 21 Savage and More)
Drake – 'They're 2 Sexy' (feet. future and young thugs)
Megan The Stallian – 'Thought Shit'

Best Global Music Performance
Arunj Aftab - 'Mohabbat'
Angelique Kidjo and Berna Boy - 'Do Yourself'
Femi Kuti - 'PP'
Yo-Yo Ma and Angelique Kidjo- BLEWU
Wijkid Featuring Thames - 'Essence'




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