Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Poster Boosts Gaza Fundraiser
Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Poster Boosts Gaza Fundraiser

Joaquin Phoenix, famous for playing the Joker, is helping out a good cause by giving away a signed poster from the iconic movie. This poster is being auctioned off by Cinema for Gaza to raise money for people affected by the troubles in Gaza.

The auction has all sorts of stuff from celebrities, and now Phoenix has chipped in with his signed Joker poster. He's also thrown in another signed poster from the movie You Were Never Really Here, where he worked with director Lynne Ramsey. Both posters are available for the highest bidders.

Phoenix's donation is part of a bigger effort that includes things like chances to meet stars like Tilda Swinton, Maisie Williams, Brian Cox, and Louis Theroux. The money raised from the auction will go to Medical Assistance for Palestinians (MAP), a group that helps provide medical aid to Palestinians living under tough conditions.

MAP doesn't just help out in emergencies but also works on building up the local healthcare system to provide long-term support. Right now, they're focused on helping with the medical needs in Gaza during the crisis.

Phoenix's kind act comes at an exciting time, with the buzz building up for the next Joker movie, Joker: Folie à Deux. This sequel will see Phoenix back in the Joker role, alongside Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn, and fans are really looking forward to it. With the trailer out, interest in the Joker franchise is sky-high.

The signed Joker poster is already drawing bids starting at £1,500 ($1,884), showing Phoenix's dedication to helping out people in need. As the auction goes on, it's expected that the poster's value will go up, bringing in even more money for Gaza.

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