Elizabeth Hurley refutes claims about Prince Harry's virginity
Elizabeth Hurley refutes claims about Prince Harry's virginity

Elizabeth Hurley has firmly rejected rumors suggesting she was involved in Prince Harry's first romantic encounter. The actress addressed the gossip during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, dismissing the allegations as "absurd" and "ludicrous."

Speculation arose from passages in Prince Harry's book "Spare," where he vaguely described his first experience with an older woman. Some connected the dots, assuming Hurley could be the woman due to her English background and older age.

However, Hurley vehemently denied any connection to Prince Harry, asserting she had never crossed paths with him. She compared the rumors to baseless assumptions, akin to mistaking someone for another person entirely.

Despite Hurley's clear denial, the rumors continued circulating, with some individuals even claiming to be the mysterious woman. Nevertheless, with no solid evidence, the woman's true identity remains a mystery.

This incident underscores the risks of spreading unsubstantiated rumors and stresses the importance of verifying information before accepting it. In today's digital age, misinformation can swiftly spread, causing unwarranted harm to individuals' reputations.

Prince Harry himself has not publicly addressed the speculation surrounding his romantic history. Nevertheless, Hurley's unequivocal denial should quash any further speculation regarding her involvement.

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