Tennis Association enforce stringent rules for medical time-outs

New York: The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) has unveiled a new set of rules that will take effect for the 2019 season, speeding up play and ensuring harmony on the tennis court when players take medical time-outs or toilet breaks.

Players will be allowed a maximum of three minutes for a restroom break and two minutes for a change of wardrobe under the new rules, which will take effect beginning with the first tournament of the 2022 season. With the level of competitiveness increasing and players apparently taking longer rests to collect their breath, it can occasionally lead to unsavoury occurrences on the court, causing opponents to be concerned.

The ATP published a list of dos and don'ts for players, as well as the maximum time they can remain off the court, on Tuesday. Players will now be allowed to take a maximum of three minutes after entering the restroom, with an additional two minutes for changing their clothes on top of the three-minute toilet break.

The ATP stated that changing clothes "may only be done in connection with a restroom break unless the Chair Umpire authorises it." "Per match, a player is only allowed to take one restroom break. Toilet breaks can only be taken during designated breaks, and if a player is not ready within the allotted time, he or she will be penalised "In a statement, the ATP added.

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