Olivia Wilde and Margot Robbie Join Forces for Avengelyne Adventure!
Olivia Wilde and Margot Robbie Join Forces for Avengelyne Adventure!

Great news for comic book enthusiasts! Olivia Wilde and Margot Robbie are teaming up for an exciting new project centered around the beloved comic book character Avengelyne. Reports have confirmed that Wilde will take on the directorial duties for the movie, while Robbie will produce it under her LuckyChap studio.

Avengelyne, conceptualized by Deadpool's own Rob Liefeld, is portrayed as a valiant angel engaged in relentless battles against dark forces. Despite not being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this character promises a thrilling blend of drama and action on the silver screen.

While speculations floated around that Robbie might also take on an acting role in the film, it appears she'll be focusing solely on her production responsibilities. Robbie's involvement in this project adds to her already impressive roster of producing credits, which includes ventures inspired by popular video game franchises.

Meanwhile, Wilde is said to be simultaneously working on a cheeky Christmas comedy alongside her directorial commitments for Avengelyne.

Although specific details about the movie remain under wraps, Deadline hints that more information will be unveiled in the forthcoming weeks. Fans can anticipate updates regarding casting choices, plot intricacies, and production schedules as the project gains momentum.

With the combined talent of Wilde and Robbie steering the ship, Avengelyne is poised to be a captivating addition to the comic book movie genre. Keep an eye out for further developments on this exhilarating venture!

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