One who gave work, fed sweets, gave water..., Aurangzeb stabbed same 70-year-old woman 15 times
One who gave work, fed sweets, gave water..., Aurangzeb stabbed same 70-year-old woman 15 times

Ranchi: A case of murder of a woman named Malvika Devi was reported on March 18, 2022 (Friday) in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. Now the police have arrested three accused named Aurangzeb, Zafar and Mohammad Naushad in this murder case. The third accused, Naushad, had helped both the accused to escape. The motive of this massacre was a robbery which was planned by Aurangzeb. The deceased woman was about 70 years old. Her husband, Vijay Sinha, had retired from the post of DGM in the State Bank. At the time of the incident, he was out of work.

According to media reports, the accused Aurangzeb had earlier done the work of painting the house of the elderly woman. On the basis of this identification, Aurangzeb had taken Zafar with him and reached the house of the deceased at around 12 noon on Friday to ask for painting work. During this time, being the first to be introduced, the woman fed sweets to both of them and gave them water to drink. After drinking the water, Aurangzeb started stabbing the woman with knives. He inflicted 15 blows on the deceased elder. During this, Zafar was busy collecting valuables from the house. When he could not break the cupboard, he took off the gold bracelet and earring from the body of the deceased.

The two also stole three mobile phones kept in the house. After the murder, the accused washed a blood-stained knife at the woman's house and fled from there. The woman's corpse was wrapped in a sheet and put under the bed. According to a report, when the two accused were going by the road after committing the murder, they were stopped by some children to paint on the road. They described him as a goon in front of the children. Both the accused said that they are now playing Holi of blood. The children then fled from there in fear.

After returning home, Vijay Sinha had lodged a complaint of murder at the Argoda police station. Police already suspected that the murder might have been carried out by someone's acquaintance. Pictures of the two accused who were on the run after committing the murder were recorded in the CCTV footage. On this basis, the police had earlier arrested Aurangzeb. Before that, seeing the news of the incident circulating on TV, the third accused Naushad had instructed Aurangzeb and Zafar to hide somewhere. The deceased has one son in the US, the other in Bengaluru and the daughter lives in London.

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