Jiah Khan's suicide was staged :US forensic report
Jiah Khan's suicide was staged :US forensic report

Jiah Khan's suicide case seems like a story of movie which has several twists and turns. In the past couple of years, every coming day has witnessed of something totally different that turns the investigation in an all new way. The latest update is finding of evidence, according to which the actress’s suicide was staged. The report earlier submitted by State stated totally different from the recent forensic report of US.

Rabia Khan, mother of late Jiah Khan sticks not to accept her daughter's death as suicide. She consider it a murder so asked the help of a British forensic expert Jason Payne-James.

According to report by Jason, "the injury mark on the lower lip of Jiah’s body, which were considered as a friction of the teeth whilst the actress hanged herself during the CBI investigation, has now been regarded as a result of a fight or a wound caused by someone."

Also, according to new report, "the marks caused on her neck are too precise to be caused by a dupatta and his reports indicate that it is a much more well-defined ligature mark."

The court had dismissed Rabia’s appeal of seeing the matter as murder and the case now continued as abetment to suicide and charges made against the accused Sooraj Pancholi. Let see now, will court accept the new forensic report as evidence and will continue the suit as murder instead of abetment to suicide????

Supreme Court announced new decision on Jiah Khan case

Suraj Pancholi can be charged with Murder : Prosecution

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