Jilumol’s Triumph: Defying Limits to Embrace Freedom on Wheels
Jilumol’s Triumph: Defying Limits to Embrace Freedom on Wheels

Palakkad- Kerala; In the serene landscapes of Idukki resides an indomitable spirit, Jilumol, a beacon of resilience and determination. At 32 years old, she stands tall, having conquered an extraordinary feat—a four-wheeler driving license, despite being born without both hands. Her unwavering resolve and unwritten mantra? "It’s okay that I don’t have my hands. My legs are my strength. I race towards my dreams on my feet. Now I have a vehicle to make my journey easier," proclaims Jilumol.

In a momentous event at the Nava Kerala Sadas venue in Palakkad, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan personally handed over the license to this remarkable soul. But the journey to this milestone was not solitary; it was a symphony of determination, support, and innovation.

Jilumol's pursuit was supported by a collective effort from Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) officials and field experts. Their collaboration resulted in a modified vehicle tailored to her needs, where major controls were reengineered for operation through her legs, complemented by minor functions controlled via voice recognition modules.

The journey to this victory was not a swift one. Jilumol embarked on this path by passing the 'learners' test' in March, exhibiting her mastery of vehicle operations by acing the driving test in November. Her relentless determination and adaptation to this innovative vehicle steered her toward this momentous accomplishment.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan commended Jilumol's unwavering confidence and determination in overcoming the daunting challenges she faced to obtain her license. In a touching gesture, Jilumol, also a talented artist, presented a portrait of the CM—crafted using her feet—demonstrating not only her driving prowess but also her artistic flair.

This empowering story unfolded at the heart of the Nava Kerala Sadas, a platform for the LDF government’s outreach program, illuminating Jilumol's triumph against adversity, inspiring countless souls to embrace determination, resilience, and the undying spirit of never giving up on their dreams.

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