Giants want to invest in Indian telecom companies

Due to the lockdown, companies around the world are taking losses, locking their units. On the other hand, there are many foreign companies who are betting billions in the telecom sector by relying on India's future. Due to India's growing digital market, new investments are being prepared from Reliance Jio to Airtel and Vodafone-Idea even in this recessionary era. The interest of veteran foreign investors in these companies is because these companies do not just provide phone connections but also provide digital service. Airtel has digital platforms such as Wink and Airtel Extreme, Vodafone Idea has Vodafone Play, Reliance Jio has Jio TV and Jio Cinema, Jio Music.

For your information, let us tell you that during this period of global recession, six top tech investors of the world have invested Rs 92,202.15 crore in Reliance Jio from April 22 this year to Friday. The world's top e-commerce company Amazon is planning to invest $ 200 million or about 15,000 crore rupees in Airtel. Google is considering making a big investment in Vodafone-Idea. More than 100 crore telecom consumers of India are customers of these three companies. Reliance Jio has 37 crores, Vodafone Idea has 33.26 crores and Bharti Airtel has 32.7 crores subscribers.

According to the telecom experts about this matter, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google are the five big tech companies of the world, whose eyes are on the Indian market these days. In the Corona era, digital business is being replaced by physical business. Work from home is becoming a necessity. The future is likely to continue this trend. With all this, India is the second largest market for data consumption in the world. According to the Telecom Ministry, the village of India has overtaken the city in consuming data.

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