Jio Biden urged to adopt fair path towards Palestinian cause

Jan 21 2021 12:00 PM
Jio Biden urged to adopt fair path towards Palestinian cause

Ramallah: A senior Palestinian official has called on the newly sworn-in US President Joe Biden to adopt a fair path towards resolving the Palestinian cause under international resolutions.

Nabil Shaath, an aide to President Mahmoud Abbas, told Xinhua news agency on Wednesday that the Palestinian side is willing to reconsider resuming relations with the United States if it changes its policies towards the Palestine.

"We have to wait for the new American decision in the Biden era, but we should not be overly optimistic because there is an American policy and strategy that will not change much regarding the support for Israel," Shaath said.

Shaath added the Palestinian position is clear, which demands international sponsorship for any peace negotiations with Israel and rejects the unilateral American sponsorship of the Middle East peace process.

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