John Cena Expresses Interest in Making Buddy Cop Movie with Dua Lipa
John Cena Expresses Interest in Making Buddy Cop Movie with Dua Lipa

Washington DC: Wrestler and actor John Cena is eager to expand his creative partnership with singer Dua Lipa. During a recent episode of 'The Late Show' with Stephen Colbert, the 46-year-old Cena shared his ideas for their next project, as reported by People magazine.

"I would love to do like a buddy cop movie with her," Cena told host Stephen Colbert.

Previously, Cena and Lipa appeared together in the 2023 film 'Barbie', portraying Merman Barbie and Mermaid Barbie. They also starred in the action thriller 'Argylle' (2024), where Cena played the best friend of the protagonist, Argylle (Henry Cavill), while Lipa portrayed his nemesis, Lagrange.

Colbert, having been informed of Cena's interest in collaborating with Lipa again, presented Cena with a mock poster of a fictitious movie titled 'Beautee and the Braun', with the tagline "You've Cena them together in Dua other movies."

"I'll be back to promote that project, sir," Cena responded before Colbert explained the plot. Colbert humorously noted that in the movie, Cena would be the "beauty" and Lipa the "Braun", to which Cena quipped about the audience not catching the idea.

Earlier in the conversation, Cena shared his nervousness about being on set with Cavill and Lipa due to their attractiveness. However, Lipa's admission of her own jitters helped put Cena at ease, according to People magazine.

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