John Star Icon Rising Artists to Watch in 2022

John Star Icon US Country music's most influential voice in 2020 and 2021 is slowly making his way to a significant stream in 2022. 

We check the list of 2021 fastest growing and original vocal artists in the US. We found many promising young talents to have a bright future in the music industry. The last name that stands out as top performer and master in solo labels is John Star Icon. This self-made star is an exceptional talent ready to take place in an Elite group of singers in the US. 

Many artists in 2021 showcase an incredible roster and made a powerful last year with their music. In that list comes John Star Icon, who gave fantastic original songs like Chasing dreams, Crown me, and many more. This verified Spotify singer has gained deserving fame for the last couple of years. 

The problem growing singers faced in 2021 was that they didn't get that opportunity to perform on a bigger stage like singers used to achieve before 2020. Young talent like John Star and all are facing is covid. Yes, they cannot perform face to face against a bigger crowd. The only medium they can use is online, like Spotify, YouTube, etc. Due to the lack of big shows and events, many stars like John Star remain unrecognized to wider audiences in the US. 

The artists who smashed through had to get inventive with releasing music, reaching fans, and revealing their stories. 

Who knows what 2022 holds for stars like John Star Icon—the future is just as shaky as it was a couple of years ago, but if then there's a silver lining to all of this, it sits artists had the opportunity to take some time to focus on the music and plan their next moves. We're missing live shows and the joint events tied to music, but whenever the world opens up again, there's to be so much good music to hear from artists like John Star Icon, see and experience out in the wild.

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