Prime Minister of London says: 'Will create new India with PM Modi..."

London: Recently, the example of how important Indian diaspora has become in the UK general election was seen on Saturday. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, along with his female friend Carrie Symonds, arrived here to visit a prominent Hindu temple and vowed to work closely with him in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's mission to create a new India. The special thing is that 55-year-old Johnson's 31-year-old lady friend Chatak was in a pink silk saree.

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Johnson and Symonds started their first official campaign by visiting the famous Swaminarayan temple in Neasden, northwest of London. Prime Minister Johnson said, 'I know that Prime Minister Modi is building a new India. We will support him in this endeavor in the British Government.

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Johnson's ruling Conservative Party is ahead of the opposition Labor Party in the opinion poll in the general election on Thursday." Indirectly pointing to the alleged anti-India stance of the Labor Party on the Kashmir issue, Johnson said, "There can be no place for any racist or anti-India sentiment in this country."

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According to information from sources, let us tell you that tilak should be applied and garland around the neck first, the British Prime Minister said, 'British Indians have been conservative before Has played a role in helping to win. When I told this to Narendra (Modi) brother, he started laughing and said that Indians always live with the winner.

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