Shiv Sena bid on citizenship amendment bill, says 'Give refugees citizenship of India, but ....'

Mumbai: Shiv Sena has raised questions on the Citizenship Amendment Bill. Shiv Sena has proposed to the Modi government to amend the bill. The Shiv Sena has written in its mouthpiece Saamana, that the Modi government has made it clear that it is adamant on the citizenship amendment bill. But is this bill being passed for vote bank politics? We believe that Hindus do not have any country other than India, but if an attempt is being made to pass the citizenship bill for vote bank, it is not right for the country.

Shiv Sena wrote that, 'Our demand is that outsiders who will be given citizenship of the country, will not be given the right to vote for 25 years. The Home Minister of the country Amit Shah should think about this. Is it acceptable Shiv Sena has written that instead of giving citizenship to Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis and Jains facing atrocities in other countries, Amit Shah and Narendra Modi should use their strict image and talk to the governments of these countries and there Hindus But the oppression should be stopped.

The Shiv Sena has further written that PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah should adopt one of these two measures and work in the national interest. In the editorial of Saamana, the attitude of Shiv Sena is seen changing. It has been written in the face that there is less problem in India, which we are taking the problems of people of other countries. The country's economic condition is not good. In such a situation, the government is giving citizenship of India to the people of another country.

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