Suddenly the road busted, 250 tourists came to visit stranded

Dehradun: About 20 meters of the Urgam-Helang motorway has been completely destroyed due to a rock break in Uttarakhand. Due to this, more than 250 tourists who came to visit the valley have been trapped. Also, about 13 villages have been cut off from other areas. A section of the Helang-Urgam road connecting the villages of the Urgam valley as well as the Pancham Kedar Kalpeshwar temple suddenly collapsed near the powerhouse. Due to this the movement of vehicles has come to a complete halt. More than 250 tourists who came to visit Panch Kedar Kalpeshwar are stuck in the valley itself. This road is also the lifeline of more than 12 villages of the valley.

Due to the blockage of the road, problems have arisen for the people of these villages. In these, apart from Kalpeshwar and Dhyan Badri temple of Panch Kedar, Dumak, Kalgoth, Kimana, Palla Jakhola, Urgam, Lyari, Thana, Panchadhar, Salna, Talla Badginda, Badginda, Gira, Bansa, Bharki, Bheta, Pilkhi, Gwana, Arosi, Devgram Including other villages.

Devendra Singh Rawat, the head of Devgram said that the news of road breakdown has been given to the disaster control room and tehsil administration. He has also urged the public representatives to get the road constructed. Former village head Laxman Singh Negi said that more than 250 people have come to visit the valley, people are also trapped due to road breakdowns. Tehsildar Joshimath Pradeep Negi said that the concerned department has been informed to make the road smooth.

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